Take a bite out of 21st Century Computing and IT Costs
  • What's Getting Chomped?
  • Complex technology
  • Asset purchases
  • Install, integrate, upgrade
  • Maintenance costs
  • Hard-to-use software
  • Central IT control
The New Normal

From Consumption Economics

  • What's Hot?
  • Simple
  • Pay for results
  • Business value
  • Turn on, turn off vendors
  • Higher volumes
  • End-user preference
Based on the principles of Customer Obsession, a Bias for Action and Frugality, Cloud Chomp is a born-in-the cloud developer of tools that help organizations assess their cloud potential and develop targeted plans to quickly migrate their infrastructure from on premises to a more agile, scalable, secure and flexible environment.
The challenge many corporations are facing today is managing the transition from traditional on-premises computing to cloud computing. Cloud Chomp provides tools that will enable your organization to understand your true cost per workload, allocate those costs to various business units, and model various cloud migration options that will help improve both your efficiency and effectiveness. Ultimately the transition to the cloud is a journey, not an event, and Cloud Chomp provides the insights and tools to help shorten and maximize your journey. Go to our products section to review your options.