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    Automate and Accelerate AWS Migrations with CloudChomp CC Analyzer
    Think of it as Cloud Economics in a Box!
    Expert Level Pricing Optimization
    Migration Planning
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    CC Analyzer
    No more stale spreadsheet silos.
    No more guess work based on full provisioning.
    No more huge invoices for simple assessments.


Large organizations prefer 3rd party cost justification. CC Analyzer gives you the ability to compare three AWS TCO levels with your own data and assumptions to help your organization save time and money.


Using three AWS pricing wheels to show you (at a glance) different levels of savings with the ability to filter virtually any data you would like. We are connected to the AWS Pricing API so you can count on your results to be accurate and up to date with your LIVE data and AWS pricing.


Automated for VMware using our appliance or Manual upload using our easy to use templates.


Fully customizable User Defined Fields within the application in which you can use the ones we've provided or create your own to aid in your reporting.


A simple, yet powerful, wizard is used to validate your assumptions and connect it to your data - giving you the ability to see actual TCO.


Chock full of reports, filters and ways to tag your own data so you can come up with the most effective, efficient, and price saving migration plan for your organization.