CC Analyzer Overview

The Cloud Chomp CC Analyzer is a decision making tool that helps you ensure IT infrastructure efficiency, establish internal cost allocation procedures, and create a blueprint for a successful cloud migration. We help our customers go beyond "lift-and-shift" in order to maximize the value of the cloud through a true transformation, eliminating server sprawl and underutilized resources while maximizing the opportunity for rapid business innovation. By providing a blueprint of your current IT resources and various migration models, you will be able to build a business case and plan for taking a bite out of 21st Century Cloud Computing. Chomp, chomp!

CC Analyzer evaluates your IT resources in current state, models future capacity based on historical growth, and provides a method to compare your current infrastructure spend to an optimized configuration on AWS. This is accomplished through an analysis of your resources, performance and utilization, an allocation of those resources with your current costs, and a comparison of what your costs could look like in a future state. Optimization requires a clear view into your current environment, including allocations of different organizational group.

CC Analyzer Process

  • Data Collection
  • Data Modeling
  • Resource Reporting

CC Analyzer Benefits

  • Allocation, Cost and Capacity Planning
  • Benchmark and Develop an Accurate Rate Card
  • Create Optimized Models and Cloud Cost Comparisons
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CC Migration Services

For decades, technology solutions have compelled corporations to buy complex and sophisticated hardware, software, networks and services. Successful IT implementations promised to dramatically increase revenues, cut costs, create competitive advantages, improve customer service, or boost employee productivity. Unfortunately, this complexity has led to unused features and licenses, excess capacity, and an OpEx investment model that requires high up-front investment for the potential of future returns. This old model places the risk of IT investment squarely on the shoulder of the IT buyer, while the IT seller reaps the benefits up front. The acceleration and adoption of cloud computing is rapidly shifting the risk of IT purchases from the buyer to the seller. Cloud computing enables a consumption based IT model, which lowers costs while simultaneously improving availability, scalability, innovation and agility. The challenge many corporations are facing today is how to effectively manage the transition from traditional on-premises computing to cloud based computing. Cloud Chomp provides tools that will enable your organization to understand your true cost per workload, allocate those costs to various business units, and model various cloud migration options that will help improve both your efficiency and effectiveness. Ultimately the transition to the cloud is a journey, not an event, and Cloud Chomp provides the insight to help shorten and maximize your journey.

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CC Finance

Cloud Chomp offers creative financing for our AWS customers. We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of the cost savings of AWS Reserve Instances, and offer finance options in order to help our customers participate in the significant cost savings offer by Amazon Web Services.

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